Romanson watches

Watches Romanson, are popular in more than 60 countries of the world. Solar watches Romanson the uniqueness very are pleasant, all collections are constantly updated. The best models were created popular in Switzerland by designer Wolfgang Jonsson.

romanson watches

romanson watches

Among collections Romanson issued now it is possible to allocate most interesting:

ELEVE – hours from a series surprise thin and smooth classic with forms which supplement various technical and esthetic details.

ADEL – the collection engages the big variety of models, and each of them has own individuality, own design, representing a harmonious combination of traditions and modern style. Hours from this collection classic are graceful, but have fashionable design.

MODISH – the fashionable collection differs minimalistic design. Hours of this series are esthetically perfect, have accurate geometrical forms, are intended for those who doesn’t love excessive detailed elaboration and set decorative. Hours from this series approach for the modern inhabitant of a megacity.

OPUS – a collection of functional and sports hours. The big variety of characteristics: an automatic chronograph, a quartz chronograph, the big date, the raised water protection, etc. Cuff watches for serious sports or daily carrying. “Opus” not only functional solar watches, but also a stylish accessory.

PHIL – recognized enough collection on polished metal and to shine jewels. Romanson “Fil” are magnificent graceful hours for reasonable prices.

GISELLE – uniqueness of a collection in special refinement of bracelets. The fine name ‘ Giselle ‘ symbolizes eternally joy beauty.

MARIGOLD – hours involve with natural external characteristics: use precious metals and the stones, each detail of hours is made and polished manually. Models of this charming series are made by the limited quantity.

TROFISH – a collection characterize: colors bright and creating excellent mood, matchless shine of stones. Models reflect the latest fashion trends. These unique hours invite to follow forward a fashion.

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